Family Law

As a child of divorced parents, Isaac Choy, Jr. experienced the benefits of a solid family custody plan that worked for all the parties involved. The goal of family law practice at the law offices of Isaac Choy, Jr. is to create that kind of cooperative system whenever possible for other families. We provide a source of planning for a variety of family issues, whether you’re just beginning your family, or modifying its structure.

Family Law Services provided include:

  • Pre/Post-nuptial/marital agreements
  • Divorce
  • Division of marital property
  • Child Custody/Visitation
  • Parental rights/support

Sensitivity, discretion, and non-judgement are hallmarks of our family law practice, and you can rest assured that our priority is the health and well-being of any children involved. Quality of life is important for all family members, and a divorce is more than simple division of assets – we understand the impact this has on families, and strive to be conscientious and respectful in proceedings. Confidentiality is of prime importance to our office as well, and we have implemented specific procedures and practices to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Limited Legal Services

IIf you are unable to afford complete legal representation and have a family law situation that can be handled simply – such as an uncontested divorce, or proceeding where the parties have reached agreement – then our limited legal services may a great option.

Limited legal services are provided when standard retention of a lawyer is cost-prohibitive, and the case is able to be handled with minimal lawyer interaction.

You can hire us to represent you at hearings, prepare or proofread legal documents, and/or analyze asset division if you are able to be responsible for handling and resolving the other issues concerning your case.

For a consultation to help determine if limited legal services are right for you, contact our office or call today at (916) 437-4609.