You don’t just need an attorney…
you need an advocate.

At the law offices of Isaac Choy, Jr., we realize that the event bringing you to us is likely one of the toughest things you’ve ever faced. Our job is to take your challenging situation and get you the best possible result.

No one wants to need a lawyer, but sometimes engaging one becomes necessary. Whether your circumstances have to do with a DUI, a personal injury, or family law matter, you want someone in your corner who will do more than simply bill you for completing the checklist of tasks that go along with court proceedings. Legal representation should be just that; representation. Your concerns, your rights, and your needs should be the foremost concern when you’re in a position of needing advocacy.

Isaac Choy, Jr. is dedicated to providing that level of representation for his clients in Sacramento County. When you need an attorney, let him be your advocate.